Kushina decided she couldn't leave her son's fate in Minato's hands, capable as they were, and struck a deal with the devil. If those sorry excuses for humans needed a wake-up call, who was she to deny them? Or that one fic where Kushina outsmarted the Kyuubi and had him swear it will protect her son.

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Dec 19, 2020 · Minato Namikaze had everything he ever wanted; he had finally achieved his dream of becoming Hokage, he was married to the woman of his dreams and they had a beautiful son named Naruto that they adored, but something happens that he didn't see coming.

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This should either kill or be close to killing him after full combo. Round 2: Use Kushina mystery on the Hashirama. Use Iruka to either finish off Sasuke Susanoo or Kabuto Cloak. Use Water main to heal. Round 3: Use Kushina mystery on bottom hirzuen and Edo Minato to interrupt Sasuke Susanoo, Kurama Naruto, and Minato.

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Story: Torikaeru. Naruto is dead. Minato is alive. A monstrous exchange has taken place. The loss of a jinchūriki sends events into chaotic disarray as a distraught Fourth attempts to re-adapt to life without any of his family.

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Imagine Sai - Você me fez amar escrita por LeitorayAutora Concluído Capítulos 32 Palavras 37.574 Atualizada em 31/12/2020 19:28 Idioma Português Categorias Naruto Gêneros Ação, Drama / Tragédia, Ficção Adolescente, Literatura Erótica, Literatura Feminina, Romântico / Shoujo, Suspense, Violência

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Minato kills Naruto Fic Search So Fics where Naruto is turned evil because of something( cant think a reason) and minato has tried his best to bring back naruto and konoha 11 also is trying to bring back .

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Most of the village turns on them wanting both killed. Minato, Kushina, baby Naruto, Tsunade, Shizune, the Ichuraku, and three others are able to escape to Earthland with all their belongings. Naruto grows up with his family in Fairy Tail same age as Erza and Mirajane. Those from the Naruto world have their chakra and magic.

Chapter (02) Minato Team Level Mission Exp Reward 200: Defeat young Obito in Konoha forest. 1.000.000 --- 200: Defeat young Kakashi in Konoha forest.

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Naruto meets minato and kushina fanfiction. Naruto meets minato and kushina fanfiction Naruto meets minato and kushina fanfiction ...

Minato and Kushina have survived the Kyuubi's attack, Hiruzen died in Minato's place and sealed the yin half in Kushina and the yang half in Naruto and Minato is still the Hokage. 2. Minato and Kushina have sealed off the use of both Naruto's and his half of the Kyuubi's chakra, but in exchange he is now nearly invulnerable but he can still ...

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Fanfiction.net Hours before Naruto is born, Minato has a frightening premonition and keeps Kakashi on duty as a body guard. Having survived Obito's attack, Minato and Kushina struggle to raise Naruto while balancing their official duties.

Oct 8, 2020 - L'insta de hokage 4ème tu nom!

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Fanfiction During the sand/sound invasion, Orochimaru never summoned the first and second hokage, but instead brought Minato and Kushina back. When they see Naruto about to be attacked by a sound ninja, they break out of their deaths and return back to the lan... # fanfiction # naruto

Minato Namikaze. Salvo por Mirta Carrizo. Naruto Personagens Papel De Parede Anime Anime Arte Naruto Tatuagens De Anime Personagens De Anime Naruto Shippuden Sasuke ...

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Minato Namikaze. Salvo por Mirta Carrizo. Naruto Personagens Papel De Parede Anime Anime Arte Naruto Tatuagens De Anime Personagens De Anime Naruto Shippuden Sasuke ... Subscribe if you enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/user/DmanUnt2014/Follow Me on Twitter!: https://twitter.com/DmanUnt2014Follow Me on Twitch!: https://Twitch.t...

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Feb 2, 2018 - Read Graduation and Training from the story The Story of Naruto Senju by 516sasunaru (The_Yaoi_Fangirl) with 9,468 reads. minato, hashirama, dan. AGE: Naruto...

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A masked man, claiming to be Madara Uchiha, arrived and took advantage of the situation, threatening to kill their newborn son, Naruto, if Minato didn't hand over Kushina and the Nine-Tails. The masked man managed to free Kurama, and immediately took control of him in order to attack the Leaf.

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Dec 15, 2016 - Marvel Studios' "Iron Man 3″ pits brash-but-brilliant industrialist Tony Stark/Iron Man against an enemy whose reach knows no bounds. When Stark finds his pe...